IU Affiliations

I'm the director of the Program in Pure and Applied Logic. I'm a professor in the Mathematics Department, and an adjunct professor in Computer Science, in Linguistics, in Philosophy, and also in the School of Informatics. I'm a member of the Cognitive Science Program and am part of the faculty in Computational Linguistics, and a participant in the Middle East Conflict & Reform Group, and the Programming Languages Wonks Group. I'm proud of all these affiliations.

PhD. Students

  • Andrew Dabrowski, Mathematics, 1995.
    Set Theoretic Representations of Form Systems and Elementary Universes.
    Address: Indiana University Mathematics Department.

  • Hans-Joerg Tiede, Linguistics and Cognitive Science, 1999.
    Deductive Systems and Grammars: Proofs as Grammatical Structures.
    Address: Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Illinois Wesleyan University.

  • Maricarmen Martinez, Cognitive Science and Mathematics, 2004.
    Logic and Inference in State Spaces.
    Address: Departamento de Matemáticas, Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia.

  • Jay Mersch, Mathematics, 2004.
    Equational Logic of Recursive Program Schemes.
    Address: Math Department, Xavier University, New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • Lei Qian, Computer Science and Mathematics, 2004.
    Message Dependence and Formal Verification of Authentication Protocols.
    Address: Computer Science Department, Fisk University, Tennessee.

  • Yuko Murakami, Philosophy, 2005.
    Modal Logic of Partitions.
    Addresses: Division for International Research and Educational Cooperation, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University, Japan.

  • Ignacio Viglizzo, Mathematics, 2005.
    Coalgebras on Measurable Spaces.
    Address: Departamento de Matematica, Universidad Nacional de Sur, Argentina.

  • Seunghwan Lee, Cognitive Science and Mathematics, 2006.
    Probabilistic Reasoning on Metric Spaces.
    Address: Hedge Fund of Fidelity, Boston.

  • Joshua Sack, Mathematics, 2007.
    Adding Temporal Logic to Dynamic Epistemic Logic.

  • Chunlai Zhou, Mathematics, 2007.
    A Complete Deductive Probabilistic Logic with Applications to Harsanyi Type Spaces.
    Address: Renmin University, China.

  • Saleh Aliyari, Mathematics, 2010.
    Topological Presentation of Canonicity for Varieties of Modal Algebras.
    Address: Indiana University Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.

  • Jiho Kim, Mathematics, 2010.
    Higher-order Algebras and Coalgebras.
    Address: ProCare, Bloomington, IN.
  • Journals

    I was an editor of
  • The Journal of Logic, Language and Information
  • The Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic

  • and currently on the editorial boards of
  • Research on Language and Computation
  • Grammars
  • The Annals of Mathematics, Computing and Teleinformatics
  • Logical Methods in Computer Science
  • Logic and Logical Philosophy

    and on the advisory board of

  • The Review of Symbolic Logic
  • Invited talks

  • Formal Grammar (FG'12), Opole, Poland, August 2012.
  • Imperial College Logic In Computing Seminar, London, August 2012.
  • Workshop on Natural Logic, Proof Theory, and Computational Semantics, April 2011.
  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Logic Seminar, April 2011.
  • VIG Meeting in Honor of Yiannis Moschovakis, UCLA, February 2011.
  • Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL) Meeting with the American Mathematical Society, New Orleans, December 2010.
  • Logic in the Undergraduate Mathematics Curriculum, part of the AMS-MAA-MER Special Session on Mathematics and Education Reform, New Orleans, December 2010.
  • Association for Symbolic Logic 2010 North American Annual Meeting, March 17-20, 2010.
  • The Seventeenth Amsterdam Colloquium, December 2009.
  • The End of Infinity, a symposium to mark the end of the Infinity Project, Amsterdam, December 2009.
  • The Fall 2009 meeting of the Indiana Philosophical Association.
  • Schloss Dagstuhl Seminar on Coalgebraic Logics, December 2009.
  • BLAST, Las Cruces, NM, August 10-14, 2009.
  • Fourth MATHLOGAPS Training Workshop, Manchester, UK, 7-10 July 2008. I taught a course on coalgebra and circularity.
  • Advances in Modal Logic (AiML), LORIA, Nancy, France, 9 - 12 September 2008.
  • Model-Theoretic Syntax at 10, organized as part of ESSLLI 2007, 13 - 17 August 2007.
  • 11th International Conference on Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology, AMAST '06, Kuressaare, Estonia, 5-8 July 2006.
  • Workshop on Coalgebraic Logic, organized as part of TANCL 2007, 10-12 August 2007.
  • Mathematics of Language (MoL) 10 , UCLA, July 28-30, 2007.
  • Order, Algebra, and Logic, Vanderbilt University, June 12-16, 2007.
  • The Second Indian Conference on Logic and its Relationship with Other Disciplines, IIT Bombay, January 2007.
  • Festschrift Symposium in Honor of Joseph Goguen, UCSD, June 27-29 2006.
  • The Infinity Symposium, Amsterdam, March 21-22, 2006.
  • The 5th Panhellenic Logic Symposium, July 25-28, 2005. PLS5 was dedicated to Y.N. Moschovakis.
  • The Fifteenth Amsterdam Colloquium, December 19 - 21, 2005.
  • The New York City Logic Conference, May 20-21, 2005.
  • Fest Colloquium for Uwe Moennich: Formal Aspects of the Description of Language. Freudenstadt, Germany, 11-14 November 2004.
  • Association for Symbolic Logic/American Philosophical Association Meeting, Minneapolis, May 2001.
  • Mid Atlantic Mathematical Logic Seminar, Washington DC, April 2001.
  • The Fourth Workshop on Games in Logic, Language and Computation, Groningen, November 2000.
  • Program Committees

  • Tenth International Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation
  • Workshop on Natural Langauge in Computer Science (NLCS'13)
  • 5th Conference on Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science
  • Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge (TARK'13)
  • Logical Foundations of CS (LFCS'13)
  • Turing Centenary Conference: Computability in Europe (CiE'12)
  • Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science (CMCS'12)
  • Advances in Modal Logic (AiML'12)
  • North American Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information (NASSLLI'12)
  • Reasoning and Interaction at NASSLLI (RAIN)
  • European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information (ESSLLI'12)
  • Mathematics of Language 12 (MoL'11).
  • Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science (CALCO'11), Winchester, UK.
  • Advances in Modal Logic (AiML), Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, August 25-29, 2010.
  • Ninth Conference on Logic and the Foundations of Game and Decision Theory, University of Toulouse, France, July 5-7, 2010.
  • Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science (CMCS'08), Paphos, Cyprus, as part of ETAPS, March 26-29, 2010.
  • LORI-II: The Second International Workshop on Logic, Rationality, and Interaction, Chongqing, China, October 8 - 11, 2009.
  • Third Conference on Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science (CALCO 2009), Udine, Italy, September 6-10, 2009.
  • The 14th conference on Formal Grammar, at ESSLLI 2009 in Bordeaux, France, July 25-26, 2009.
  • Quantum Logic Inspired by Quantum Computing, a workshop at Indiana University, May 11-12, 2009.
  • The Sixth Midwest Computational Linguistics Colloquium, Bloomington, May 2-3, 2009.
  • 3rd Indian Conference on Logic and its Applications (ICLA), Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, 7-11 Jan 2009.
  • The 13th Conference on Formal Grammar, held with ESSLLI 2008 in Hamburg, Germany, August 8-10, 2008.
  • The 12th International Conference on Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology (AMAST'08), UIUC, Urbana, Illinois, USA, 28-31 July 2008.
  • Logic in the Foundations of Game and Decision Theory (LOFT 2008) Amsterdam, 3-5 July 2008.
  • 5th Midwest Computational Linguistics Colloquium, East Lansing, May 10-11, 2008.
  • Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science (CMCS'08), Budapest, April 4-5, 2008.
  • International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming, ICALP 2007, Wroclaw (Poland), July 9-14, 2007.
  • 14th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation (WoLLIC '07), Rio de Janeiro, June 2-5, 2007.
  • Association for Symbolic Logic Spring Meeting, held in conjunction with the spring meeting of the American Philosophical Association. Chicago, April 18-21, 2007.
  • Workshop on Rationality and Knowledge, Malaga, Spain, July 31-August 11, 2006.
  • 11th meeting on Formal Grammar, Malaga, Spain, July 29-30, 2006.
  • ESSLLI 2006, the 18th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information University of Malaga, Spain, August 2006.
  • The Eighth International Workshop on Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science. Vienna, March 25-27, 2006.
  • 9th meeting on Mathematics of Language 2005 and 10th meeting on Formal Grammar, Edinburgh, August 5-7, 2005.
  • Logic in Computer Science (LICS'2005), Chicago, June 26-29, 2005.
  • Workshop on Psycho-computational Models of Human Language Acquisition, associated with COLING 2004.
  • The Midwest Computational Linguistics Colloquium, Indiana University, June 25, 2004, as part of Syntaxfest.
  • The Seventh International Workshop on Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science. Barcelona, March 27 - 29, 2004.
  • The Sixth International Workshops on Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science. Warsaw, Poland, 5-6 April, 2003.
  • The Third Annual Graduate Student Conference in Mathematical Logic, held at Indiana University, March 2-3, 2002.
  • The 12th International Congress for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Oviedo, Spain, 2003. I was part of the committee for Section A2, Philosophical Logic.
  • The Symposium on Finite-State Methods in Natural Language Analysis, at the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Boston, February 2002.
  • The International Workshops on Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science.
  • The 6th International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammar and Related Formalisms (TAG+6), May 20-23, 2002, University of Venice, Italy.
  • The 4th biannual workshop on Advances in Modal Logic (AiML 2002) Toulouse, France, September 30 - October 2, 2002.
  • The Symposium on Mathematical Statistics in Linguistics and Natural Language Processing, at the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, San Francisco, February 2001.
  • Music

    I play the fiddle in:

  • The Maxwell Rovers (contra dance band: Irish and Old-Time).
  • The Pirate Flags (don't ask). A youtube of the Pirate Flags playing The Ballad of John Silver can be found here.
  • The Hunted Haunted Bazhergan Klezmorchestra.