Lawrence S. Moss

Indiana University, Bloomington

Professor of Mathematics
Director, Program in Pure and Applied Logic

Adjunct Professor: Computer Science, Informatics, Linguistics, and Philosophy

Member, Programs in Cognitive Science and in Computational Linguistics

Spring 2013

M781: Coalgebra

Work group on Natural Logic

I lead a diverse group of students to learn about natural logic and to start in on research projects..

Fall 2012

HON-H 305: Exploring Good and Bad Behavior with Mathematics

M684: Set Theory

Our graduate math class in Set Theory.

Spring 2012

M584: Recursion Theory

Here is a link to a free web text on the computability, featuring a register machine applet.

Q520: Math and Logic for Cognitive Science

Fall 2011

L546: Semantics

The Linguistics department's graduate course on semantics. I mostly used Yoad Winter's new textbook.

Spring 2011

M384, P550: Modal Logic

This undergraduate/graduate course emphasized topics close to dynamic epistemic logic and also used a new didactic approach to the completeness and decidability results for the basic modal systems. I am re-working the notes from this course into a textbook. If you are a teacher or student of modal logic and would like to see the current version, please let me know.

Fall 2010

M781: Category Theory

A beginning course, using The Joy of Cats for much of the semester.

Spring 2010

Q520: Math and Logic for Cognitive Science

Fall 2009

M385: Mathematics from Language

A course for non-majors on mathematical topics motivated by language, especially the basics of syntax and semantics.

M682: Model Theory